Who We Are

We are a local family owned business of highly skilled and experienced general contractors, engineers and architects. Together we hold over 50 years of experience. Our community and our customers are at the most important thing here at Dingbat Retrofit. We know that relationships are built on trust and  credibility. Thus, we have developed, strong relationships with repeat  customers and with the department of building and safety over the years. We offer professional and affordable services for earthquake retrofitting, home seismic retrofitting, cripple wall, and foundation repair services. 

Our Experience

Our experience with seismic retrofitting goes back over twenty five years. Several years before the 1994, Northridge earthquake we renovated our family house. It was a bungalow house in West Hollywood  that was built in the 1920s. The plots of land were small, so the idea was to build a second story.  The bungalows were not well-built. All  woods were laid, on weak foundation. We decided to earthquake retrofit our home by reinforcing the building with steel beams to make the house strong enough to last for generations.
A couple of years later, the Northridge earthquake caused billions of dollars of damage and killed dozens of people. In our neighborhood, there was extensive damage from the 6.8 magnitude earthquake. It was awful! Many of the bungalows around  us had several damages to their roofs, chimneys, and the structures  themselves. Our house had minimal damage. The steel frames we had  designed kept the house from swaying. We had a lot of broken item, in the house, but only a few cracks on the walls. To this day I am thankful that my family put those steel beams in our house, because it was, what kept us safe.

The Northridge earthquake caused severe damage to Los Angeles and especially to the valley. It took many years to fix all the damage done. We would go on estimates and see the despair of families that were so deeply  affected by the horrible quake. Dingbat Retrofit was a calming influence  on, many families, and knew how to fix any bad situation. Most families would come away from the meetings feeling better because they knew that Peter Chinelli and his crew of workers were going to repair their homes  and protect their lives. This was, the time when our family business shifted gears to become one of the leading companies in Los angeles for, seismic  retrofitting. Our company and team are well known within the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety and our permit and plan check expediters are already familiar with all requirements.​

Homeowners have 2 years from the date they receive a compliance order to submit retrofitting plans.
Homeowners have 3.5 years to obtain their retrofit permits.
The entire earthquake retrofit Los Angeles must be completed within 7 years of receiving the compliance letter.

For  the first time in LA, the City has passed a law, which will allow  homeowners to pass on half the cost of the retrofit to the tenants  through a rent increase up to a certain amount. Dingbat Retrofit will  give you the best possible deal. Construction prices and the prices of  steel are going up, and in the coming years are bound to skyrocket due  to demand for retrofitting. We here at Dingbat Retrofit have built up  strong relationships over the years not only with clients but also with  distributors. We can guarantee the best prices and the highest quality  of workmanship. We want to earn your trust, respect, and hope that our  three generations of family builders can help your family for all your  future needs.

What Else do we Do?

While we love  seismic retrofitting, we offer other services too. As you already know,  Dingbat Retrofit is a general construction company based out of Venice  CA. While we service the greater Los Angeles as well as San Fernando  Valley, we mainly service our West LA community. We provide handymen  service, home design, home improvement and construction services to our  customers.
As catchy as that sounds, we are your one- stop shop when  it comes to Los Angeles foundation repair.. No job is too small for us.  We can pretty much handle anything you need and want. From installing  your doors, to painting, to bathroom remodeling, to room additions, to  designing and building a home from scratch, Dingbat Retrofit can do it  all. We will conceptualize, design, plan, get permits, manage and  complete your project from start to finish. 

Our Services Include:

Foundation Bolting 

Earthquake Retrofitting Los Angeles                
Architectural Design
Plans & Permits
Home Additions
Custom Home Building   
Ground-up Construction    
General Home Remodeling
Foundation repair    
Seismic retrofitting 

And much more...