Q: What is a Dingbat?

​A: Dingbat is a two or three story wood framed structure.

Q: What is the Retrofit Ordinance?

A: It is a city law that requires specific buildings to complete the retrofitting process.

Q: How do I know if my building needs to be retrofitted?

A: If you received a letter and a notice to from the City of Los Angeles, you may need to retrofit your building.

Q: What should I do next?

A:  Call us at (800) 986-2986 to set an appointment. We will examine your  building and determine whether your building needs to be retrofitted. 

Q:  I have a soft–story building. How much time do I have to start and finish the retrofit from the time I received the order?

A:   Two years to submit an engineering plan. Three and a half years to  obtain a construction permit and 7 years to complete the retrofitting  construction or building demolition.

Q:  How much does retrofitting cost?

A: Cost varies based on building size and design.

Q: What will happen if I do not comply with the Los Angeles retrofit ordinance?

A: You  will have a 15 days grace period after which you will be charged a  non-compliance fee. Additional fees will be added as time progresses.  Eventually it will become a misdemeanor.


A: Dingbat  Retrofit is a general contractor located in West Los Angeles, CA. We  specialize in residential construction in particular multi-family  buildings. As indicated by own name we epitomize seismic soft-story  retrofitting. Our expertise is not limited to retrofitting and we help  customers in all aspects of architecture, construction and  engineering(ace) . We are an all American family owned business.  Customer service is key and no matter how big or small the project, we  make sure the job is done right.