About Us

Our Family

We are a  three generation company focusing on seismic retrofit Los Angeles.  Seismic retrofitting is an invaluable construction service that Peter Chinelli (Sr) started. He built his own house in Rochester, New York  with his bare hands and help from his brothers in 1952. He was a first  generation Italian-American with twelve brothers and sisters, Yeah 12!  

As  the head of the family, Peter Chinelli (Sr) instilled in his children  an incredible work ethic. He has been working in construction his entire  life and has passed his knowledge and values to his son and grandson.  He is now 93 and is retired.  When it was time for Peter Chinelli to  enter college, he opted for USC.

In  1969 he packed up all his goods into a 1967 Firebird and traveled  across the country. Peter Chinelli was an artist and always wanted to be  an architect. Like his father, he also wanted to be a builder. USC had a  great architectural school, so it was a perfect fit. By 1975, Peter  Chinelli was with a top Architecture firm, designing commercial  buildings from the beach to downtown and beyond. He eventually started  his own business, with the motto "build up Los Angeles for the future  generations." ​

In  the last 40 years, Peter Chinelli has worked in construction. And due  to public demand, he decided to focus on seismic retrofitting. He has  since provided seismic retrofit Los Angeles to countless homes. Peter  Chinelli III who has been working in the family's business for over 20  years is the VP of Operations for Dingbat Retrofit, and he has handled  numerous residential & commercial projects. He has extensive  experience in earthquake retrofit Los Angeles, and he belongs to the 3rd  generation that is continuing our legacy of quality craftsmanship.

What We Believe In


We are dependable! We believe that in order for one to become an expert, one must first understand all parts of the job. Thus, we teach our children from the bottom-up. They learn all aspects of seismic retrofitting from preparation to completion. They begin as laborers, evolve to craftsmen and after years become managers. They learn different skills, from painting to room additions to retrofitting.  They learned the importance of the environment and keep it clean. When teaching them, we focus not only on the time they spend doing the work but also on what was accomplished within that time. Each and every member of Dingbat Retrofit is trained to ensure delivery of high-quality earthquake retrofit Los Angeles service.  

Quality Service

Quality is very important to us. We feel that every job we perform is a part of who we are.  As residents of West Los Angeles, we feel that we have a personal responsibility to our community. We want you to be so happy with our service, so that not only will you continue to use us, but you will recommend us to your most precious investment – your children and grandchildren.   

Our Values and Mission

To  contribute to the development and security of West Los Angeles while  minimizing our carbon footprint on the earth, by bringing expertise and  integrity to the global construction business

To strengthen structures of today for the generations of tomorrow.